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    Singular Project
    Unique in Barcelona, for students that combine Sport, Music or Dance with ESO or Baccalaureate
  • Who is it aimed at? Shadow
    Who is it aimed at?
    At those kids that want to combine ESO or Baccalaureate with Sport, Music or Dance
  • We garantee quality teaching Shadow
    We garantee quality teaching
    Conciliation with the practice of Sport, Dance or Music
  • From 8am to 1:30pm Shadow
    From 8am to 1:30pm
    Attendance in the morning, personal study in the afternoon
Singular Project

Who is it aimed at?

Who is it aimed at?
Who is it aimed at?
Our Singular Project is aimed at all boys and girls that wish to reconcile their school academic life with the intense practice of a sport modality, dance or music as a possible professional track in the future.
The conventional educational system doesn't allow them to take academic studies alongside the trainings and competitions required by the activity they have chosen to practice.

The main aim for the students in our Singular Project is to enable them to share both Sport and studies and not force them to quit any of those at an early age.

All those students wanting to join our Singular Project should hand in a document signed by sports clubs, federations, dancing and music official schools to Lleo XIII Secretary office.
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