• Singular Project Shadow
    Singular Project
    Unique in Barcelona, for students that combine Sport, Music or Dance with ESO or Baccalaureate
  • Who is it aimed at? Shadow
    Who is it aimed at?
    At those kids that want to combine ESO or Baccalaureate with Sport, Music or Dance
  • We garantee quality teaching Shadow
    We garantee quality teaching
    Conciliation with the practice of Sport, Dance or Music
  • From 8am to 1:30pm Shadow
    From 8am to 1:30pm
    Attendance in the morning, personal study in the afternoon
Singular Project

The FCB Masia

The FCB Masia
The FCB Masia
On 19th July 2011 the Department of Teaching of the Generalitat de Catalunya approved the curricular adapation to teach the Baccalaureate at the installations of the Futbol Club Barcelona Masia, at Sant Joan Despí.

A little history

For many years a tight collaboration has existed between our school and the Futbol Club Barcelona. Traditionally, the athletes of the Masia have assisted at the center in order to combine mandatory and post-mandatory studies with the practice of their high performance sport. 

Nowadays, more than 80 students from the infantile (infantil) and youth (juvenil) categories of the FCB study at our school.

The Futbol Club Barcelona proposed the past july of 2011, to apply to the 2011/2012 season, a pre-professional project for the Youth A (Juvenil A) football team. This category is made up mainly by students aged 16 to 18 years old, that take either professional formation studies or the baccalaureate.

The new approach implies a new academically organizational structure, as well as the performance of the sports and academic practices at the new Club installations, at Sant Joan Despí.

Players of the FCB first team like Andrés Iniesta, Sergi Roberto or Rafinha Alcántara have studied at our school.

Our proposition

The proposition approved by the Teaching Department entails the convalidation of the subject of Physical Education at 1st grade of Baccalaureate and the adaptation and timing of the modality and opative subjects, as well as the transfer of teachers from the school to be able to teach the subjects at the Masia installations.
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