• Technological-Scientific Shadow
    "Discovery consists of seeing what everybody has seen, and thinking what nobody has thought." Dr. Albert Szent (1893-1986), Nobel Prize of Medicine, (1937)
  • Robotics Shadow
    Gaigning interest for mathematics and the spacial construction in a playful way
  • Mediation Shadow
    We strengthen the bonds between school community members
  • Green School Shadow
    Green School
    We gain conscience about the importance of looking after the environment


"Discovery consists of seeing what everybody has seen, and thinking what nobody has thought."
Dr.Albert Szent (1893-1986), Nobel prize in medicine,(1937)
Mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, electronics and other branches of scientific-technological knowledge make up the basic pillars of the structure of our project.

The objective of the teachers that work on this project is not for our students to accumulate a series of data or knowledge more or less structured about science or technology.
In our department, science and technology are the medium to reach the following objectives:
  • Encourage interest for science and technology.
  • Analize, synthesize and extract conclusions from reading scientific-technological texts. 
  • Provide strategies, tools and general resources for the resolution of problems.
  • Experiment and contrast with previous knowledge and ideas.
  • Knowing the historical context of science and technology (past, present and future).
  • Assessing the ethical and moral implications of scientific activity.
  • Developping communicative skills through the exposition of experiments, facts or scientific curiosities.
  • Enhancing the playful side of science and technology, specially in the first stages of training of our students.
  • Establising a relationship between science and technology and other areas of human knowledge: social sciences, history, economy, art, etc.

To achieve our goals, we don't limit ourselves to the four walls of the classroom, neither to the master class which is already in its path to extinction. Our educational model is based in the following practices and activities:
  • New pedagogical methodologies: Flip-class, learning through the resolution of problems, collaborative projects, learning by competences, etc.
  • Physics, chemistry and biology practices in the laboratory.
  • Technological projects in the classroom-workshop (planning, construction and evaluation of technical solutions).
  • Resolution of problems.
Also, outside the strictly academic area, we organize the following activities:
  • Field trips
  • Scientific-technological day
  • Mathematic photography contest

The teachers of our department work and make a great effort with the objective on our mind and wish at our heart, just like medicine Nobel prize winner Dr. Albert Szent expressed, that our students can think what nobody ever has thought.
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