• Welcome to our school Shadow
    Welcome to our school
    Private teaching center  sponsorized by the Department of Teaching of Generalitat de Catalunya
  • Our kitchen Shadow
    Our kitchen
    Menu prepared by our dietist
    Dining room and kitchen managed by the school. Proximity products, fresh, mediterranean and balanced diet. Education of healthy eating habits.
  • Kindergarden, 100% in English Shadow
    Kindergarden, 100% in English
    Linguistic immersion in English from kindergarden
  • Personal growth Shadow
    Personal growth
    We look after emotional, physical, motor, social and cognitive development
    Cuidem el desenvolupament emocional, físic, motor, soial i cognitiu
  • Adquisition of habits Shadow
    Adquisition of habits
    eating, hygiene, work and value habits
  • Kindergarden Shadow
    Menu prepared by our dietist
    Dining room and kitchen managed by the school. Fresh and local products
  • We work by Corners Shadow
    We work by Corners
    The students are the main characters and work actively in groups


The school offers the following services:
First shift: 7:30am to 9am
Second shift: 5pm to 7pm

Dining room
Schedule: 12am Dining room
Nap time: from 1pm to 3/3:30pm

We have a dining room and kitchen managed by the own school.
Our cooks select daily the food following the directives of the menu designed by our dietist and taking into account the directives of the pediatrician. The objective is to offer a healthy quality diet. For this reason we follow the next criteria:
  • Local products
  • Fresh products.
  • Mediterranean and balanced diet

At P0 the food we offer is crushed and at P1 and P2 in bits.
The school takes advantage of the dining room moment to inculcate healthy eating habits, as well as hygiene and behaviour habits.

Department of Psychopedagogical and Professional Orientation
The Department of Psychopedagogical and Professional Orientation (DOPP) is the school organ that has the function of providing recources to the teachers to adapt to the particularities of each student, working in an interdisciplinary way. Nonetheless, it's also a support for the students and families of the center.

The Department of our kindergarden is formed by:

Laura Ortiz:  laura.ortiz@lleoxiii.com 
Licenced in Psychopedagogy and Clinical Psychology at the Psychology and Education and Sports Sciences Faculty at Blanquerna. University Ramon Llull

Organization of activities and field trips

Medical service in case of accident

The school has the mandatory school insurance.
  • Erasmus+
  • Cambridge English Language Assessment
  • CTB
  • Aldeas Infantiles SOS
  • Barcelona Escolas Sostenibles
  • La Masia Oriol Tort
  • Fundació Lleó XIII
Carrer Lleó XIII, 16-18-20
08022 - Barcelona
Telèfon escola Gran 93.417.50.02
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