• Technological-Scientific Shadow
    "Discovery consists of seeing what everybody has seen, and thinking what nobody has thought." Dr. Albert Szent (1893-1986), Nobel Prize of Medicine, (1937)
  • Robotics Shadow
    Gaigning interest for mathematics and the spacial construction in a playful way
  • Mediation Shadow
    We strengthen the bonds between school community members
  • Green School Shadow
    Green School
    We gain conscience about the importance of looking after the environment


Robotics is a set of pedagogical activities that helps children learn and get interested in mathematics and in the spatial construction in a playful way throught the construction of Robots.
At school we start the first robotics sessions in the second cycle of Childhood Education (P3, P4 and P5) through legos. As they grow older, legos turn into Ollo pieces with which students finally make and program their own robots.

  • Developping oculomotor coordination
  • Trusting their own possibilities
  • Asking about the possible resolution of internal conflicts when making a construction.
  • Knowing and internalizing spatial notion.
  • Developping creativity.
  • Achieving progressively affective and emotional safety.
  • Thinking, creating, elaborating explanations about the compositions they have done.


Robotics is worked on in different ways according to the grade.
At P3 and P4 they start experimenting and manipulating the Lego Duplo pieces. They are slightly bigger pieces, as the children are still in the process of developping their fine psychomotor skills.
During the first trimester they experiment and manipulate the pieces doing free constructions, both in group and individually. Starting in the second trimester they are given a model they have to copy. Every 15 days aproximately, the difficulty is risen slightly in the model they have to copy, in such a way that in the third trimester the models are more complex.
At P3 they are only asked to copy the model, while at P4 there's the added difficulty of copying the model using pieces of the same color as the one indicated.
At P5 standard Lego pieces are introduced. Just like at P3 and P5, during the first trimester they experiment and manipulate these new pieces freely. Starting in the second trimester they have to do their own constructions. Later on they'll have to draw these constructions on paper to work the different perspectives. On top of this, they will do a little oral exposition in front of the classroom explaining the way their construction is, how they have made it, the steps they have followed...This way they get familiar with public speaking.
Lastly, during the third trimester of P5 a new element is added to robotics, the Beebot. It's a small robot shaped like a bee that only moves forward, backwards and to the sides. This bee moves on a carpet in a grid made up by numbers, colors, letters or geometrical shapes, depending on what we are working on at the moment. The child must program the little robot thinking how many squares forward it has to move, how many to the side...in order to arrive at the proposed objective.
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