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Sports Training Cycles


Who are we?
Who are we?
Since its founding in 1961, Lleó XIII School has been closely linked to the world of sport, collaborating in the academic training of the players of La Masia FCBarcelona and having special care in the formation of high performance athletes who choose our school.
In addition, since the year 2008, we offer in our center the Formative Cycles of Average and Superior Degree in Sports of Winter (Alpine Ski, Snow Surf and Ski of Bottoms).
Today, we continue to grow and expand our training offer, with the Formative Cycles of Middle and High Level in Rescue and Lifeguard and Soccer, and soon we will be able to offer you new Formative Cycles related to the sport and the physical activity.
What are the Sports Training Cycles?
What are the Sports Training Cycles?
Sports Education is capable of exercising the sporting profession professionally in the type and specialty studied.
These studies are organized in Cycles of Middle Grade or of Upper Degree.
The Medium Degree Cycles are comprised of 2 Levels in the case of sports modes regulated by the LOGSE and 2 Cycles in the modalities regulated by the LOE:

  • First Level or Initial Cycle, involves obtaining the Certificate.
  • the Second Level or Final Cycle, involves the obtaining of the Technical / Sports Title in the corresponding specialty.

With the passing of the Medium Degree Cycle and with the title of Technician, we can already start the Upper Degree Cycle, which will earn us the Technical Title / -the Higher Sports.

In all cases, the studies are organized in the same way:

  • Blog Common to all sports (theory in León XIII and other facilities)
  • Specific block in the chosen modality (theory and practice in the best sports facilities).
  • Practical Training Blog in a club, center or company that the student decides or chooses among the different options that we offer.
Quins Cicles Formatius Esportius oferim i oferirem?
Quins Cicles Formatius Esportius oferim i oferirem?
En l’actualitat oferim els següents Cicles Formatius Esportius de Grau Mitjà:
  • Esquí Alpí
  • Surf de Neu
  • Esquí de Fons
I en breu oferirem els nous Cicles Formatius Esportius de Grau Mitjà i un Grau Superior:
  • Salvament i Socorrisme (a partir de primavera 2017)
  • Futbol (a partir de setembre 2017)
  • Bàsquet (a partir de setembre 2017)
  • També oferim la possibilitat d’estudiar els Blocs Comú i Complementari d’altres especialitats esportives.
  • Grau Superior en Animació d’Activitats Físiques i Esportives(a partir de setembre 2017)
  • Cambridge English Language Assessment
  • CTB
  • Aldeas Infantiles SOS
  • Barcelona Escolas Sostenibles
  • La Masia Oriol Tort
  • Fundació Lleó XIII
  • Academica Corporation
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