• Welcome to our school Shadow
    Welcome to our school
    Private teaching center  sponsorized by the Department of Teaching of Generalitat de Catalunya
  • Personal and emotional accompaniment Shadow
    Personal and emotional accompaniment
    Personalized attention through our Department of Psychopedagogical Orientation
  • Kindergarden, 100% in English Shadow
    Kindergarden, 100% in English
    Linguistic immersion in English from kindergarden
  • The School Shadow
    The School
    Work by Projects
    We encourage interactive learning
  • The School Shadow
    The School
    Childish 90% in English to P3 and P4, 80% in English and the rest in Catalan to P5
    We teach how to think
  • The School-Primary Shadow
    The School-Primary
    We encourage reading
    Projects of understanding, development of multiple intelligences
  • Subjects taught in English Shadow
    Subjects taught in English
    French from 5th grade of Primary School
    Technology, Work of Synthesis, Physical Education
  • We enhance research capacity Shadow
    We enhance research capacity
    We consolidate contents and methodologies
  • We prepare complete people Shadow
    We prepare complete people
    Humane, civic and solidary
  • Learning by projects Shadow
    Learning by projects
    Stimulation of research capacity
  • We teach our students Shadow
    We teach our students
    to think and communicate


The Lleó XIII school is a private Teaching Center sponsorized by the Teaching Department of Generalitat de Catalunya.
  • All teaching levels are taught in the center, from Kindergarden up to Baccalaureate.
  • We are the only school in Barcelona that has a Singular Project approved by the Teaching Department of Generalitat de Catalunya with an ESO and Baccalaureate line adapted to students that actively practice sport, music or dance combining academic work with trainings and the competition calendar with very good results. 
  • We run and adapt individual programmes according to student's needs (dyslexia, different abilities...)
  • We develop reception programmes to new comers in order to enable them with language immersion in separate group-classes.
  • Additionaly, we offer sports Training Cycles in diverse modalities (Alpine Skiing, Snow Surfing and coming soon Lifesaving, Basketball and Football). 
  • We recently opened the Languages School.
La Torre
La Torre
Kindergarten and Primary

C/Lleó XIII 20
08022 Barcelona


e-mail: info@lleoxiii.com
L'Escola Gran
L'Escola Gran
ESO, Baccalaureate, Training Cycles and Launguages School

C/Lleó XIII 16-18
08022 Barcelona

Tel 93.417.50.02

e-mail: info@lleoxiii.com
The Lleó XIII School, during all its history, has been characterized by dedicating all the resources in its reach to provide a quality teaching. The dedication and implication of the whole teaching team is rooted towards achieving that every single one of our students, with the tenacity that daily work requires, manages to move forward with his/her studies, there's no reward without an effort, and this is stated in our IDEOLOGY. We have a humane team prepared and with experience to achieve the future challanges that, nowadays, we are presented with by the teaching world.
Having said this, we are a school that believes in:
  • Learning by projects to stimulate the research and team work capacity of our students,
  • The stimulation of the curiosity for knowledge and experimentacion of learning from early ages,
  • The work of the teaching team to treat individually the capacities of each student, according to his/her needs,
  • The combination of disciplines like sport, music or dance with the regulated studies: Our Singular Project facilitates this possibility,
  • Learning of foreign languages: our students take english from kindergarden and french from 5th grade of Primary School. We have exchange programs and stays abroad to do a linguistic immersion with the goal of enhancing the learning, not only of the language, but also of the culture of the country. Our school is a recognized center for the preparation of Cambridge exams,
  • Personal and emotional accompaniment of students that need specific attention: accurate follow up through Tutoring and the Department of Psychopedagogical Orientation, with more than 80 weekly hours of direct personalized attention.
  • Intellectual growth of our students to be able to coexist in a plural and diverse world: we work on disciplines through specific projects,
  • Comprehensive preparation of the students to turn them into autonomous, competent people with a critical spirit,
  • Integral training to give them a balance between their technical preparation and their humane, civic and solidary preparation.
  • Education for the protection of the environment. We are a green sustainable school recognized by the Ajuntament de Barcelona. We are inserted in the program Agenda 21.
It's because of all these characteristics that we define ourselves like an active, dynamic, plurilingual school, prepared to lead projects inside our center that require great pedagogical, structural and functional flexibility; open to understanding different realities and individual needs that cover academic aspects but also personal, social/cultural aspects of each family that comes to us. 

We believe in a methodology based on experience but also in the work and study of the knowledge sources; we bet on the new technologies, but without leaving aside the more conventional tools that provide the balance counterpoint that every leading methodology requires.

We are praised by an experience of over 50 years in accompanying and preparing students.
Our history
Our history
The Lleó XIII school was created in 1961 under the name S.I.L., as the founders, Mr. Josep Mercadé and Mr. Marino Todolí, came from the jesuit school of Barcelona Sant Ignasi de Loiola.
Initially the school had 2 buildings: the first located at the Lleó XIII street and the second at the Dr. Andreu Avenue. In 1978, the founders decided to continue their activity following separate paths. From that moment on the school started mixed teaching in all its levels starting in 1980 acquiring the nº 20 of Lleó XIII street to teach there the more elemental teaching levels: Childhood Education and 1st and 2nd grade of Primary School.

In 1996 the Singular Project was created with the goal of making compatible school life and the practice of a sport or dance and/or music studies, while ensuring a quality teaching. Until 1990, the Lleó XIII school didn't access the Generalitat de Catalunya sponsorship for the current Primary School line (former EGB). Later on, in the 2006/2007 school year, the sponsorship for Childhood Education, Primary and Secondary School was obtained. The same year the Lleó XIII Teaching Foundation was created with the goal of covering all the areas that the sponsorship didn't reach.
Nowadays the Lleó XIII school has been growing and at the moment our educational offer is the following:
  • Kindergarden: created in 1987
  • School: Childhood Education, Primary School, Secondary School (ESO) and Baccalaureate (Childhood Education, Primary School and ESO sponsorized).
  • Training Cycles: From 2008 the school offers Sports Training Cycles in diverse modalities (Alpine Skiing, Snow Surfing and coming soon Lifesaving, Basketball and Football).
  • Languages School: Created in September 2016, it's a school open not only to students from our school.
 Nowadays we have 570 students at the school (from Kindergarden to Baccalaureate) including Sport Training Cycles.

The 2 school buildings have independent accesses and make up a total of 10.620 square feet, distributed between buildings and sports installations.

 In 2016 there was a change of ownership that nowadays focuses in boosting the school and its Educational Project.

The school is ruled by 2 legal entities: a limited society (Docen SL) and a foundation (Lleó XIII Foundation). The first is responsible for the management of the activities inherent to a sponsorized teaching center and the second, for all the activities that allow the center to mantain its founding ideology. Each entity is independent from the other, but at the same time they are complementary and need each other.
  • Eduardo Mendoza visited our students of 4ESOA on November 14th.The students presented different alternative endings to the novel "Sin noticias de Gurb" and the writer was the jury.
  • Erasmus+
  • Cambridge English Language Assessment
  • CTB
  • Aldeas Infantiles SOS
  • Barcelona Escolas Sostenibles
  • La Masia Oriol Tort
  • Fundació Lleó XIII
Carrer Lleó XIII, 16-18-20
08022 - Barcelona
Telèfon escola Gran 93.417.50.02
Telèfon Torre