• Kindergarden, 100% in English Shadow
    Kindergarden, 100% in English
    Linguistic immersion in English from kindergarden
  • We have our own dining room and kitchen Shadow
    We have our own dining room and kitchen
    Healthy and balanced menus prepared by our dietist
  • Balanced menus Shadow
    Balanced menus
    Fresh products, local, healthy diet

Our Kitchen

Our kitchen
Our kitchen
We have a dining room and kitchen managed by the own school with the guarantee of sanitary and endocrine quality controls. Our cooks select daily the food following the directives of the menu designed by our dietist. The objective is to offer a healthy quality diet. For this reason we follow the next criteria:
  • Local products
  • Fresh products
  • Mediterranean and balanced diet
2 Basal menus: one adapted to kindergarden children and one for the rest of the students.
The school takes advantage of the dining room moment to inculcate healthy eating habits, as well as hygiene and behaviour habits. In the dining room there's monitors that enhance these habits and work in the acquisition of values such as coexistence, courtesy and respect.

Our dietist

Mónica Dicenta
  • Dietist-Nutritionist collegiate CAT000612. Complementary training in different nutrition courses.
  • Dietist of extensive experience in different centers as a dietist-nutritionist.
Pieces of advise from our dietist:

 In childhood diet, we must boost...
  • The consumption of fresh and season fruit, as the usual desert of meals and as a complement in breakfasts and snacks.
  • The consumption of season vegetables in the first dish and/or as a side in the second dish of the meals.
  • The consumption of legumes and dry fruits as well as toasted without salt.
  • The consumption of flour derivates (bread, pasta, rice...) of complete cereals, decreasing the refined ones.
  • The use of olive oil.
  • The consumption of water as the basic and vital beverage, both in meals and in between hours. 
  • An active lifestyle that includes minimum an hour of moderate/high intensity (walking, running, playing in the park, practicing a sport, etc.).

We must decrease...
  • The frequent consumption of candy and prioritize as an alternative dry fruits without salt (walnuts, apricots, prickly pears...)
  • Sugar drinks (colas, orangines, isotonic beverages, juices, etc.) and prioritize the consumption of water.
  • Bakery, and prioritze the consumption of sandwiches.
  • Chocolate creams, creams, mousses and others, as usual deserts of meals.
  • The frequent consumption of fast food.
  •  The excessive consumption of meat preparations and derivates, that have a higher content of fat (sausages, pates, hot dogs...).
  • The time dedicated to "screen activites" (television, computer, video games, etc.) to less than 2 hours a day.

Let's put it in practice!
Choosing, buying and cooking the food can be fun.
It must be tried! Participating in the ellaboration of family meals.
We must implicate ourselves!
Every meal is important. We must remember it!
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