• Welcome to our school Shadow
    Welcome to our school
    Private teaching center  sponsorized by the Department of Teaching of Generalitat de Catalunya
  • Our kitchen Shadow
    Our kitchen
    Menu prepared by our dietist
    Dining room and kitchen managed by the school. Proximity products, fresh, mediterranean and balanced diet. Education of healthy eating habits.
  • Kindergarden, 100% in English Shadow
    Kindergarden, 100% in English
    Linguistic immersion in English from kindergarden
  • Personal growth Shadow
    Personal growth
    We look after emotional, physical, motor, social and cognitive development
    Cuidem el desenvolupament emocional, físic, motor, soial i cognitiu
  • Adquisition of habits Shadow
    Adquisition of habits
    eating, hygiene, work and value habits
  • Kindergarden Shadow
    Menu prepared by our dietist
    Dining room and kitchen managed by the school. Fresh and local products
  • We work by Corners Shadow
    We work by Corners
    The students are the main characters and work actively in groups


The schedule of our kindergarden is:
From 9am to 1pm
From 3pm to 5pm

At our Kindergarden we work on the objectives and contents parting from experimentation, symbolic games, working by corners, psychomotricity, stories, music...and we have as main goals the work and achievement of habits and routines that correspond by age.
The methodology we use refers directly to the activities prepared by the whole teaching team of kindergarden, to the space that the children need to carry them out and develop and the material necessary to work.

At our kindergarden, we bet on a more experiential methodology through experimentation, observation and creativity. The teacher is an accompanist in this learning task and a provider of the materials and spaces that are necessary for these situations to happen and is never, under any circumstance, a guide to imitate.

Linguistic project
Our linguistic project also encourages the comprehensive development of our students, the fact of doing a linguistic immersion through the english language, from 5-6 months (P0), allows the learning of this language not as a foreign language but as a vehicular language during all their learning process. 

Artistic project
Through our Artistic Project, on top of getting to know a little more about the culture of our city, we give the children their first opportunity to do artistic representations and maybe find in art another way to express their feelings and emotions.

Emotional intelligence
Our ideology has as a main base helping children externalize emotions and feelings for their own personal knowledge; at our school we believe that being strong emotionally is the first step to be able to carry on with any work.

For a child, going to school is a very important change in his/her life, up until now he/she has lived in an environment where he/she feels safe: he/she is protected and knows and establishes relationships creating an affective bond with the people surrounding him/her: father, mother, siblings, grandparents...For this reason from our school we take care so that this separation from his/her environment will cause the least suffering possible to both the child and the parents. It is, therefore, responsability of the parents and the teachers to organize an adequate period of adaptation so that these first times at the school are understood by the child without traumas and it must be avoided that the change in the child's life is too sudden.
  • Erasmus+
  • Cambridge English Language Assessment
  • CTB
  • Aldeas Infantiles SOS
  • Barcelona Escolas Sostenibles
  • La Masia Oriol Tort
  • Fundació Lleó XIII
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