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Language Centre

Language Centre
Language Centre
The educational project Light it Up! has been developed according to Lleó XIII school’s pedagogical innovation, where you can learn or improve your English, French, Catalan, Spanish and Chinese language*
In Light it Up! We provide the learners with an adequate learning environment guiding them in their learning process. We create a stress-free environment thanks to a personalised teaching practice and our pedagogical principles which aim to reduce the socio-affective learning barriers. The pedagogical approach is based on learning through contextualised practice and interaction between students, teachers and with the environment.
*if there are enough students to set a group
For the academic year 2019-2020 we offer the following courses:
Kids & Young People
Learning languages while playing, exploring and discovering the world:
·         Kids 1 (3-5 years)
·         Kids 2 (6-9 years)
·         Junior (10-12 years)
·         Young 1 (13-15 years)
·         Young 2 (16-18 years)
·         Private lessons
·         Official Cambridge Exams preparation
Please note that students could also be assigned to a group according to their proficiency level
Contextualised learning with a pragmatic and fun approach:
·         Language lessons from beginner (A1) to proficiency level (C2)
·         Conversation classes
·         Foreign Language for professional purposes
·         Tailored courses for individuals and companies
·         Private lessons
·         Official exams preparation
Language immersion activities
As part of the centre’s training program, we offer language immersion activities to learn and practice the foreign language in a different way:
Families: language practice for all family members through different activities and workshops.
Children: activities for the little ones to learn playing and creating.
Adults: leisure, sporting and cultural activities in the target language.
Companies: Language coaching and leisure activities.
Stays abroad
  • Erasmus+
  • Cambridge English Language Assessment
  • CTB
  • Aldeas Infantiles SOS
  • Barcelona Escolas Sostenibles
  • La Masia Oriol Tort
  • Fundació Lleó XIII
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