TEXT BOOKS Year 2018-19

TEXTBOOKS Year 2018-19
TEXTBOOKS Year 2018-19
You can now order the textbooks by selecting the following link:

Text Books Course 2018-2019
The website will be open for reservations from August 27 to September 10. After this date, J. NADAL will not accept more orders.
J.Nadal will deliver the books ordered in this new application period during the first days of the course (depending on stock availability).
How to order:
Go to the school website:

In the "School" top menu, select "Textbook Course 2018-2019" from the drop-down menu.

Enter the access code of the center: the number is 256

Select "Stage" and "Course" of your child, and fill in the requested personal information.
The list books of the chosen course will be opened, with all the information: title, publisher, ISBN and the final price for the families (the school applies a discount of € 5 in the textbooks). You can choose the ones you need. Once the choice is made, make sure it is correct, you can modify the reservation before making the confirmation and "Send order"
Payment will be made by credit card at the time of placing the order. Then you will receive confirmation by email.
IMPORTANT: if you receive a defective book, it is necessary to contact the school. It will be possible to change a book in perfect condition. Do not dress or put the name in the books until the teacher says it's okay.
The deadline to make changes or refunds will be September 21, 2018, and it is essential that you bring the order form. After this date, no refund will be accepted.

For any questions or questions, you can contact the Secretary by phone at 93 417 50 02 or by e-mail:

Book list per course:
  • Erasmus+
  • Cambridge English Language Assessment
  • CTB
  • Aldeas Infantiles SOS
  • Barcelona Escolas Sostenibles
  • La Masia Oriol Tort
  • Fundació Lleó XIII
Carrer Lleó XIII, 16-18-20
08022 - Barcelona
Telèfon escola Gran 93.417.50.02
Telèfon Torre