Text book 2019/20 course

You can now order the books of the next course!
We  explain you the procedure for the acquisition of the text books and school material your children are going to need for the new school year 2019/2020. This school year, the company J. Nadal is also going to manage it.
To order the order you must get onto our webpage and click on the news:
Text Books School Year 2019-2020
You will have access to another screen on which you must write the School’s code 256.
Select your children’s “Stage” and “Grade” and fill your personal information.
After this, a list of books for the Grade chosen will appear with all the information: Title, Publisher, ISBN and the final price, so you can choose the ones you need (some materials of digital licenses are going to appear marked because are given by the School). One you have chosen the ones you need, you must make sure you have chosen the right ones so you can modify anything in case you need it before confirming the order and clicking on “Send order”.
You must order once per child. The books are going to be delivered to the students on their first day back to school.
The School applies a 5% discount on the text books and as a NOVELTY, in the case of Santillana text books, you get the digital license for free if you get them through the School.
The webpage is open for the order from the 21th of June to the 14th of July. After these dates, you cannot modify anything or order new orders.
You must pay using your credit card at the moment you are ordering the stuff. Once you have paid, you are going to receive a confirmation email.
IMPORTANT: In case a book is defective or you must change it, you must contact the School.  A change is going to be able when the book is perfect (no holes, marks, names or bad condition). We recommend you not to cover or write your child’s name until the teacher gives you the OK. The last day to make a change is going to be the 20th of September, 2019 and you must bring your order sheet. Once this date has passed, any change is not going to be possible.
For any questions or questions, you can contact the Secretary by phone at 93 417 50 02 or by e-mail:
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