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Informació Preinscripció Curs 2018-2019

Submission of applications for the pre-registration of the 2018/2019 course: from April 13 to 24.
Pre – Registration Date for the School Year 2018-2019

The Pre - Registration dates have not been published for the next School Year, but the Education Department has informed that they are going to be after Easter.

Demanded Documentation
  • Pre –Registration form, which has to be given to the first School chosen (just one application is indispensable to be presented because the presentation of more than one invalidates the corresponding priority rights). This paper can be taken at the School or downloaded in the Education Department webpage. 
  • Original Family Book and its photocopy or other document related to the affiliation. If the student is in sheltered situation, the shelter resolution depends on the Work, Social Issue and Family Department.
  • Applicant person’s Original Identity Card and its photocopy (father, mother or guardian) or the Resident Permit in which the Foreign Resident Identification Number or Passport appears in case of foreigners. If you are a Community Foreigner, the Original Identity Document from the country you come from is required.  When the legal home which is being alleged does not coincide with the Identity Card or Foreign Resident Identification Number, it is accredited with the cohabitation municipal certificate or referral note.
  • Student’s Original Identity Card and its photocopy, in case she or he is older than 14 years old or she or he has got Identity Card or she or he is younger than 14 years old.
  • Original Individual Medical Card and its photocopy.
  • Supplementary criterion certifying document, in case it is required.
You can find more information about the Pre - Registration process on:
  • Consorci d’Educació de Barcelona web page (http://www.edubcn.cat/ca/alumnat_i_familia)
  • Education Department web page: www.ensenyament.gencat.cat
  • The LLeó XIII School web page: www.lleoxiii.com – Pre – Registration School Year 2018 - 2019
If you wish more information, please send this form:
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